Why Should I Register As A Company?

Kam Kaj is not just for individual professionals but also home to a number of vendors and companies. To that end, there are a number of benefits of joining Kam Kaj as a company, including a fully functional ERP, Pro apps for all your employees to help you track and manage workflow more efficiently, and improved business plan recommendations from time to time. You should register as a company if you are a group of professionals working together or a full-fledged company looking to expand your horizons.

Is Kam Kaj ERP Actually Helpful?

We help you expand as a company, not only by helping you market your services and giving you new leads, but also with the help of sound technological advancements whenever and wherever you need them. A prime examply of that is the Kam Kaj ERP, boasting features such as; a. Live professional tracking b. Workflow management c. Customer management system d. Business intelligence reports e. Daily, monthly, and annual financial reports, and so much more! All these tools can help you streamline business practices and reduce manual reporting expenses considerably.

How Does Kam Kaj Help Me Expand?

Kam Kaj promises exponential growth as well as a reduction in expenses with the help of our technological upgrades and marketing tactics. We sow the seed; you reap the rewards, it’s that simple!

Why Does Kam Kaj Need My And My Employees’ CNIC?

Kam Kaj has laid a solid foundation of trust and authenticity throughout the years with the help of top-notch services at the most affordable prices and verified professionals. We do not accept any compromises when it comes to quality and trustworthiness, which means we conduct regular background tests against each professional. That is why we require the CNIC and all relevant experience certificates of each person before listing them in our database.

What Is The Difference Between Kam Kaj Pro App And Kam Kaj Company ERP? Do I Loose The Pro App Features By Signing As A Company?

Kam Kaj Pro application is the primary link between Kam Kaj and our professionals – a link which is controlled with our ERP. Our operations team assigns jobs to professionals according to their skill, locations, and other relevant requirements. The professionals have no access to the ERP. Kam Kaj Companies, however, can use a dedicated IP and ERP assigned to them to manage their workforce online. The ERP has a number of distinct features that give you an edge over the competition. Having said that, you communicats with your professionals the same way, through the Pro app, meaning you get the benefits of the ERP as well as those of the Pro app!