Benefits Of Registering As A Company

Kam Kaj combines everything good about being a service provider in Pakistan all while eliminating the risks. Read on for more about how we help your business.

A Targeted Customer Range

We are dedicated to helping you achieve peace of mind in regards to your business – something we achieve by making sure only real customers and leads get transferred to you. This is done with the help of targeted marketing from our end.

Business Model Development & Execution

With the help of our business analysts, we develop the most suitable and efficient business model for your company and help you implement it as soon as possible. This not only helps us stay ahead of the competition but also helps you become more cost-effective!

Technology At Your Side

Our technological expertise is your business tool, which means you get access to state-of-the-art tools to work with. These include;

  1. A Fully Functioning ERP: We help you set your business up with the help of an ERP with all the functions necessary to keep your company profitable. This includes a finance module, company assessment tool, order management system, issue tracker, packages, and so much more!.
  2. Integrated Pro App: While the upper management gets to enjoy the benefits of our all-inclusive ERP, your professionals get an integrated pro app that lets you track, communicate, and assign your professionals to jobs on-the-go.
  3. Live Pro Tracking: Our app comes with an important bit of recent technology; live tracking. With seamless map and geotracking implementation, we let you keep track of your professionals at all times. You get notified the moment a pro arrives or leaves the assigned job site.
Dedicated Marketing

We sow the seed; you reap the rewards. While you focus on giving the job your best and completing each job with dedication, we market your services for you, letting you allocate your budget more appropriately on what’s important – your services. The dedicated permanent link is an added advantage to boost your online presence!

Quality Services On Time

All that said and done, all you have to do is follow the assigned timetable and maintain your quality of services. The better you perform, the more we assign tasks to you. That’s the whole motive of Kam Kaj!