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How it works

Whether you are a company looking to expand your horizons or an individual in search of verified leads, Kam Kaj offers easy solutions to all. If you’re an existing company;

Register yourself as a vendor on Kam Kaj
Wait for a call from Kam Kaj representatives. They will schedule a time and place for a formal meeting, where they will review your and your subordinates.
As a vendor, you get access to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, wherefrom you can track your field force management through live geotracking. This platform will give you access to each and every detail about their performance, including their status, timeliness, and customer ratings.
You can list all your subordinates into the ERP and allot them specific areas.

What is Kam Kaj?

Kam Kaj is a loyalty program for everyone all over Pakistan. By giving companies a free-to-join platform, Kam Kaj serves to bridge the gap between customers and companies and in turn, reduce unemployment.

What Is Kam Kaj Pro?

Kam Kaj Pro, on the other hand, is Kam Kaj's service-provider variant. It allows you to oversee your ratings, jobs, track records, and find matching jobs.

What are the costs associated with Kam Kaj Pro?

We charge no membership fee. To join Kam Kaj community, simply register your company as a vendor and start enjoying endless leads! We only charge you a small fee once prospects convert into paying customers.

How long will it take for you to process my documents?

It can take us up to 24 hours to verify your documents.

Can Kam Kaj really help me expand?

Kam Kaj has numerous marketing channels through which it generates authentic leads. We help you reduce your marketing expense so that you can invest it into more productive areas, such as improve service-quality or expansion. The better you rank on Kam Kaj, the more customers you will get!

How can I maximise the number of leads I get from Kam Kaj?

The key to maximizing number of leads is quality of service. Quality service to each customer will lead to high feedback and in turn, more leads. There are also a variety of factors that can help you maximize your leads, including the number of services you provide, and service-area.

What makes Kam Kaj different from my lead generation process?

Kam Kaj offers contemporary management solutions and offers business strategies, helping you execute them in a better way. Kam Kaj ERP helps you minimize manager-level-expense by giving them more control over labor. All you have to do is offer quality services.

Will I be competing against others on Kam Kaj for the same job?

Yes. Kam Kaj believes that competition is healthy for all service providers, ensure they provide better quality. At the end, competition for better quality helps you get higher ratings. Ratings are determined by a number of factors such as how quickly you respond to customers, how satisfied they are with your work, etc.

What are my duties as a Kam Kaj vendor?

Kam Kaj only wants you to focus on what you are good at and provide quality services. We also urge you to make sure you maintain good work ethics, behavioral integrity, and quality service.

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